Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Chapter 1: Vice Arcana

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Feb 17, 2015 2:38 pm

“I’m glad that I don’t suffer from epilepsy.” My eyes strained against the pressure I was applying to the area. Sitting around trying to manipulate my aura wasn’t going any better. There was probably a direct correlation with why I could only see flashes of people’s aura, nothing solid. A fuchsia gleam here, a angel white there, and surrounding it all were yellowish hues. “This is starting to give me a migraine.”

“Don’t be expected to see auras on the first day of class. This process involves controlling your own in order to open to others.” Well at least I’m not expected to have this mastered so quickly. But looking at my Queen to the right, she clearly was going to excel to master status quiet soon.

Upon hearing Asteria, it took me a moment to remember which “creeper” she was referring to. Looking around, I spotted the boy who I shattered the ceiling over. “O, the one that watched our display. I destroyed more of the cafeteria to get my point across to him, clearly failing. What would you like done Princess?” the last part clearly overflowing with sarcasm. I focused on my eyes again, picturing my essence congregating behind each lid. Upon opening them though, all that materialized was a brilliant white light. “Ahhh, yeah I’m done with this for the day. Going to have to use echolocation if I keep trying this lesson,” rubbing my eyes.

Leaning back in my chair, I glanced out the window and let my mind drift. So I’m a mage that can utilize magick and other techniques. I belong to the Ira Archive and have abilities revolving around empathic and sound wave manipulation. Thinking about it all made me laugh slightly. I’m going to go crazy. What happened yesterday in the cafeteria couldn’t have been my doing...but not much is making sense. “Welcome to the Black Parade" by My Chemical Romance started resonating from my headset and I was brought back from my thoughts. Glancing at the clock, we still had ten more minutes before departing to our next class.
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PostSubject: Recruitment continues   Tue Feb 17, 2015 6:15 pm

Well creeper wasn't bad to look at, rugged and older if you were into that kind of look.
And wait what did Laran just say?

"What the legitimate fuck?" I whispered harshly. "Between you and Xevran's mess, where the hell are we going to eat..."

I pinched the bridge of my nose and sighed.
"Sweet Laran I'm going to teach you a lesson in subtly, and since I'm more gorgeous than our teacher I feel you shall fair better than the aura lesson, this one is curtailed for you."
I grabbed his hand and I wasn't gentle about it, eager to test out what I learned today and I released a wave of aura directly into him.
Maybe a little too much.
His eyes lit up with silvery light.
"Now you know what its like to have a woman inside you," I smirked, it was impossible to withhold such a comment, "Now see the busty gal sitting next to him? I want you to urge her to go to the bathroom and when she is forced to cross her path, offset her balance and make her trip and throw her books at his face, we'll see how he defends himself and what kind of magick he's working with, and no one will suspect us a thing what with all the aura manifestations flying around, you get out of jail free."

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:36 pm

Surging through me, the magick she bestowed on me made me feel both stronger and more confident in my abilities. On top of that, I was now able to witness the aura’s of all the other students.

“Simply amazing Que… Princess. I gladly accept your gift in order to fulfill what is asked of me.” Here I had almost slipped up, close call. I couldn’t help but smirk at how my body was feeling now, and simply by her grabbing my hand. “Now let us see what I can manage.”

Focusing my sight on the girl, she was radiating with a light blue aura. Shuffling through possible songs, I settled with “Go Go Go” by Sleeping with Sirens. As soon as the song begun, I could see with my enhanced vision the wave patterns dispersing through the room. the music was sending ripples of magical sound waves in all directions. Time to focus these waves, especially so everyone doesn’t get up to leave. Concentrating on the pathway, I condensed the waves to only be directed at her location. Once the first chorus had ended, it was clear that she had some ambitions to get up but was still hesitant in whether she should. Increasing the volume, her body language suggested her mind was made up, especially when she stood and grabbed all of her possessions. Now was the tricky part, the timing needing perfect calculation. Right before she was about to walk by the gentleman from the lunchroom, I whistled. Already being compressed and aimed in the desired direction, I only helped increase the speed by increasing the amplitude. Making impact, the waves hit the books out of her hands and launched them in a path towards our mysterious friend.

“Now let us see what he does, and I only destroyed the ceiling. The shops are still…. mostly intact, especially the tea shop.” hoping this was going to be enough to please Asteria. My vision became slightly hazy as I felt the energy boost be used up. No more aura glows but soon enough I will have it down, my gaze shifting to see how the mage plays his cards.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Wed Feb 18, 2015 12:11 am

Class was dragging on tea cups seemed awkward. After the teacher explained auras everyone started darting their heads back and forth like nut jobs. I was starting to dose off then slutty Santa and tea cups started looking at me again. The girl looked around a bit then gave some power to tea cups but I probably would not have noticed if I was not watching,. It's a school room how discrete can you be. Then they started focusing on someone else. "Good" I mumbled to myself. The next thing I notice the girl next to me starts to fidget. "What's their game?" I think to myself. The next thing I know the girls books fly at me. And they hit me in the face. The girl looks at me and apologizes profusely before picking up her books and leaving the class her face bright red. I look at the pair and mouth "Nice try." Years of strict parents and stricter teachers have taught me many lessons like the values of details and how to play my cards close to my chest. I yawned as if the whole thing did not even faze me then went back to the pencil that had been rolling back and forth on my desk the whole time. I used to play with my pencils when I got bored and with this new magic I don't even need to touch it, that might seem like a waste of my powers but I need to start small and what better then a pencil.
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PostSubject: Logic   Thu Feb 19, 2015 4:44 pm

My jaw dropped, stunned by how incredulous this situation was.
He took a book to the face to avoid showing us his magick when he's been yet again staring at us to just go ahead and animate a pencil on his desk...
I mean I tended to value my face, maybe I was just old fashioned...
So he was some kind of kinetic, and his aura collected around the ring he wore on his finger.
Well the experiment was a success, I was amused, I learned more about the dimensions of my ability and about that man's.
Ugh staring at me while wagging his pencil back and forth, I really hoped it was Laran that he was keeping his eyes on.
"Brilliantly done Laran, I knew keeping you around was a prudent choice on my part, I do know how to pick them," I smiled radiantly.

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Fri Feb 20, 2015 1:04 am

Every time she did it, my mood and spirit rose to greater heights. Getting praised was a new concept to me, one that I’ve only encountered with my female company. The tricky part of being recognized, that I’ve noticed, is that I’m unsure if its genuine or more to divert attention to some other unfortunate soul. Which case would I fall under?

“Thank you Princess, however it was your idea and magic boost that allowed me to fulfill your request.” Regardless of her intent, the gesture was still appreciated. Gazing at our victim, I really was disappointed that he didn’t use any magick, just to avoid revealing it to the rest of the class. Hopefully Asteria will be able to come up with another plan regarding find out what type of powers he possess.


“I guess this is goodbye until later, with a little luck I’m sure we will have more classes together.” Packing up my messenger bag and slinging it over my shoulder, “Unless you want to continue out charade and walk to your next class together? I am but a willing vassal.”
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PostSubject: Augmentation   Fri Feb 20, 2015 12:17 pm

I think I finally knew what it was that soothed me about Laran.
He reminded me of...the old me.
The one that was so eager to please and failed disappointing expectations at all costs.
The one that would have stayed up all night attempting to perfect a particular violin composition if "sleep is absolutely necessary for a woman's looks."
Shy, hesitant, unsure of who they were, Laran following me was like having the old me close by.
Maybe I wasn't as ready to let her go as I thought- but I know I needed to. The difference was I could keep Laran right...?
I looked over at him with his customary princess remark and remembered the tiara the duck wielding man had given me.
I reached into my things and thumbed the tiara absently.
One day.
Yes one day. I would be monarch of this school with the kind of power to have whatever I wanted.
"Laran I will be keeping you."
I snagged his class schedule and saw we shared lunch and runes together.
"My lesson is up in the tower however, but I will catch up with you later in Runes, now be good and I don't want to hear about any unauthorized explosions on your part."

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Fri Feb 20, 2015 2:45 pm

They seem content with the results of their experiment but now that class is over I can confront them with some level of privacy. I approached the women since she was clearly in charge. "My name is Tiberius it is a pleasure to meet you. Now care to explain this little game of yours? If you want something you could just ask but there is no need to get the rest of the class involved, secrets normally have great value after all and here I believe them to have even more."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:33 am

Keeping me? I’m confused as to whether I should feel flattered that I meet her high standards, or if I should be insulted that I’m being thought of as a possession. Yet again she is causing me a decent amount of internal conflict.

“I’m glad that I will be able to bask in your presence at a later time. Until we meet again in Runes, my Queen.” With that I bowed to her and proceeded to exit from the classroom, but not before casting a glance back at her and seeing our target confronting her. “Interesting. I hope you will gather the information you seek.”

Retrieving my schedule from my messenger bag, I saw that my next class was Symphony Magick in the amphitheater behind the main building. Back on the first floor of the main building, I located the doors in the rear of the building. Outside was my destination, an amphitheater that looks like it has come straight from the Greek and Roman era. On the stage ten chairs situated in a half moon were turned to face the marble podium. Descending into the theater and jumping onto the stage, I took a seat located at the far left. Over the course of the next few minutes the remaining students appeared and took their seats. I couldn’t avoid taking notice of the objects some of the students were cradling: one with a microphone, another with a violin, and even one with a tuba. What an odd assortment. Once the bell sounded for the next class, a trap door behind the podium opened, allowing the instructor to ascend from underneath the stage. A blond haired woman stood brandishing a baton.

“Good morning class, my name is Professor Paster and it is my job to instruct you in the art of magick involving music. Looking at you all, I can tell most of you will be required to know how to play your instruments.” Glancing over at me, “You on the other hand will just need to become more acquainted with different genres of music. Consider yourself blessed because your skill requires knowing your target and what will help to manipulate them. If you aren’t aware of it yet, you will become a strong Composer Mage that will be able to influence others.” Turning back to the others, “We will be branching into different types of genres because each type will affect your magick differently. As well, we will look into how this form of magick is beneficial yet detrimental, especially when you don’t have access to your focus. Now class let us begin.” Raising her baton, everyone begun to demonstrate their skills and talents.

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PostSubject: Class   Sun Feb 22, 2015 12:52 am

I sized Tiberius up, "But games are so much fun," I flashed him a radiant smile.
"See I will be ruling this school soon, and i'm looking for talent to join me, I was hoping you were going to show me something more than pushing a pencil with your mind but eh it'll suffice."
I shot my hand forward and snagged his schedule.
"You can prove your value to me in the Arena then Tiberius and know that you've had a chance encounter with Asteria."
I handed him schedule back before walking away and calling over my shoulder, "Don't disappoint me."
I crossed the courtyard and made my way to the eastern tower. Once inside I found the stairway and ascended to the top floor.
Just had to be the top of all the floors...
I opened the door and stepped inside and found myself to be alone.
What the-
-The door closed shut and my brand flared.
Alone would have been preferable.
"What do you think you're playing at?" I snapped.
Xenophiel moved away from the door and shrugged, "Well they pay me to teach so I don't think i'm playing at anything."
"Wait... you're teaching Augmentation Magick?"
He stepped closer and nodded.
I didn't mean to but I retreated back a step.
"Where are the other-
"Students? You're the only one taking this lesson, your particular brand of magick is...unique. You've been assigned private lessons."
His body was between mine and the door. I glanced to the window and wondered If I could jump.
"This is the real reason you're at this school. You are an Auramancer, your line of magick is rare in that it can enhance the magicks of others. I am going to teach you to use this power."
He sat on his desk and loosened his tie.
"Are you ready?"
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Feb 24, 2015 10:24 pm

I arrived in magical endurance training to abunch of students on the ground. When I stepped in it felt like the gravity was magnified multiple times because I was thrown to the ground. Then a voice said:

"Welcome to magical endurance training, how long can you last in battle? How much can you but into a fight? At what point to you get overwhelmed by your enemies very presence? All this and more will be answered one day at a time. This class ignores your unique magical techniques and rather re-enforces basic magical skills that will help you outlast enemies and make the most out of your raw energy. For today's lesson your facing concentrated magical pressure being focused on magnifying gravity if you can't condense your aura and excess energy you wont be getting up. Today's lesson is done when you get up and walk out of class."

I laid there on the ground watching my classmates cringe in pain and try to move. So the point is to use my aura to protect me from magical attacks or area curses like this gravity room, unlike our conceptual intro class this one throws us right into practice. Well I guess there is nothing left to do but get out, if I wait to long my aura will be extinguished and the field will crush me, and even if I get out I could still run the risk of being overly exhausted. "Damn it is the challenge getting out of the room or making it through the rest of the day with minimal amount of energy and aura."

The voice responded one last time "Both, good luck."
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PostSubject: Power   Wed Feb 25, 2015 2:12 pm

"Students giving you trouble still?"
I nodded, "All that contractor stigma bull shit."
She traced a hand along the tattoos on my body and shook her head.
"I told you it would be like this before I helped put this here."
I slanted a look at her, "I have power now, it doesn't matter."
She eyed me curiously with her frosty blue eyes, "Such a typical statement from a man."
She stepped outside the large transmutation circle spanning the majority of the large auditorium and then withdrew an athame and a pinprick of blood from her wrist.
"This is a spell known as Remniscience. It will bring my memories to life within this circle, good luck Xevran."
"I don't need luck, I have power, and did-"
"-The Coven gave their consent. One last thing, what did you say Xenophiel's new pet's name was?"
"Asteria, very well then." She allowed a single drop of blood to fall and kiss the circle.

Soldiers suddenly burst in through the doors and charged through her as her image faded away and the effects of Remniscience took hold of me.
I threw myself to the right avoiding a shower of bullets as I took refuge among the row of seats.
"Blade of Dragon Fire That Slumbers Beneath The Earth. Arise And Satiate Your Hunger
The area around me exploded into a conflagration of flames, the force of it sending soldiers through the air.
"We've got a Mage here, call in the Shades."
The temperature to my right plummeted as a cloaked figure stepped forward out of seemingly nothing and slashed a curved blade at me.
A pulse of mana and I caught the blade against the tattoos of my arm.
What the hell were these?
His blade turned black and my ward collapsed as I rolled back but not before it bit deep into my arm.
The air plummeted in temperature once more behind me but this time I knew what to expect and I kicked out with my boot to connect with a firm middle to no effect.
I jumped back and my eyes shot back and forth to my two attackers.
They could teleport and had some minor capacity to dispel magick.
If they could be anywhere at once, then I simply needed to attack everywhere at once.
This is what I was training for though. Focus. That was most important, I needed to learn to channel and recite incantations while under stress.
Give in to me.
No. This was about control, I couldn't cave now-
-A blade stabbed into my side and I roared with fury.
Infinitesimal Air Become The Sanguine Blade Of Destruction!
The wind surged to life around me into a defensive cyclone.
Damn it, my side was on fire and while maintaining my hold on the magick holding the winds, as well as the noise I couldn't concentrate.
Give in to me.
Light Fade to Darkness and Darkness Illuminate The Light. Break Destiny's Grasp-
Nova was suddenly in front of me.
"You failed."
She raised a hand above her, "Verses Seek The Ascension Of Chaos and Order's Reign. Spirits Diverge! Become Spectral Chains!"
All the mana I had gathered suddenly collapsed in on me with suffocating force as I lifted from the floor bound by bands of light.
She watched me with those cold icy eyes.
"We will continue again tomorrow, but at this rate it will not be much longer before you are consumed. I'm going to leave you here until your mana evens out and then the spell will fade, take some time to reflect on your dedication to your own life."
She shook her head, "Pain transforms us, and at least pain is proof that this life still belongs to us."
With that she turned and walked away, heels echoing throughout the empty hall.
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PostSubject: Augmentations   Thu Mar 05, 2015 7:08 pm


"Faster Asteria."
Another pulse of magick fired my way and I blurred out of its reach before falling to the ground in a sheen of sweat.
He lifted a dining table and flung it at me.
My first instinct was to dodge but the training was to work on using supportive magick to strengthen my body's resilience.
I caught the table against the palm of my hand and dug in my heels as I slid backward before crushing the table against the ground.
Strength and Speed, these were the two magick forms he was teaching me, although I had yet to be able to use them simultaneously.
"Once more."
He held up his hand and spheres of light appeared in a ring around me like countless stars.
He turned his index and middle finger toward the ground and the volley began to converge.
I had no time to think I just moved.
I sprang forward and slashed with my sword, deflecting a burst of light into another as I whirled away from another to backhand spring and ricochet another off my sword as I pivoted this way and that.
"Faster Asteria."
My sword arm was feeling sluggish and I was having more and more trouble deflecting the attacks so I was forced to bolster my strength with magick but then I was too slow to dodge or react.
I slipped up and moved into the direction of a bolt narrowly avoiding another and I closed my eyes and braced for impact.
The attack never hit.
I blinked slowly and watched as the projectiles slowly disintegrated as he came forward and offered me a hand.
"You're going to kill me," I gasped.
"I won't let you die," he scooped me up and deposited me unceremoniously onto a couch and closed the drapes.
"Get some sleep, you still have 30 minutes before class ends, tomorrow we will train even harder, I need you stronger Asteria."
"Stronger? For what?"
His shoulders slumped slightly, "For the Library/ I need you to-"
I brushed aside sweaty bangs and watched him.
"Need me to...?"
"To sleep," he barked out before exiting the room.
I was too half dead to protest as my vision swam and I rested my head back.

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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Thu Mar 12, 2015 5:14 pm

“Ugh I can’t find the stupid classroom or building for that matter Demon Lord Duckie, this sucks.” I complained as I laid down on the stone walkway. This school was way too big and it didn’t help that I threw away the map, not like it would help any how though; I have almost no sense of direction. Taking a look at my watch I saw that it was 8:48am, “Looks like we are going to miss this class too.”

“Well if you are going to miss a class you might as well be productive, I will give you some tutoring, and no you do not have a choice in the matter you already agreed to it yesterday. First and foremost you need to command your magic not simply use it the way you use your magic if it got out of control would harm you. At all times you are to be in absolute control of your magic, secondly you are not pulling items out of thin air like you would like to think every item that you conjure is somewhere and the world and when you conjure it you are taking it from where it was. Like that tea cup it was that boy’s cup, but since you had no idea you are actually taking people’s things you wouldn’t know that.”

So all this time I have been taking stuff from a person, that’s horrible.

“No it is perfectly fine Flynn be greedy if you can take it than it belongs to you, also you for the most part dispel most of the items you conjure after you are done with them returning them to their owners.”

Oh ok I guess but, as I was thinking I felt a kick slam into my ribs and someone fall on top of me “What the hell!?” it was a girl.

“I am so sorry I am late to class and I wasn’t looking where I was going.” The voice of the girl sounded familiar. As she looked up at me my body froze up, it was that crazy girl from when I got here yesterday, and her face went from a smile to a visage of pure hate and disgust. “YOU, are you causing trouble why aren’t you in class?!” she yelled.

I let out a little scream and pushed her off of me “Get away from me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I just can’t find the stupid classroom!”

She got up and in an instant covered me in chains, “What class are in, Mr. Candidate?”

“Umm Mass combat training.”

“Ugh damn it you are in my class come on let’s go!” She grabbed one of the chains attached to me and started dragging me across the floor.

“Why do you have to drag me there, I can walk you crazy bitch!”

She didn’t respond and continued to drag me all the way to the classroom “Sorry we are late teacher my name is Sabrina Gallo, and this is Flynn Izaya.” She threw me into a chair and I sat there silently through the whole class while the teacher talked about the basics of battle field combat and how next class we would be outside.

“Maybe you should have tried to get out of the chains while the class was in session to get away from that crazy girl.”

Maybe I should have but what would have happened, she would have just caught me again.

The bell rang and she got up collected her things and pulled me out of the chair my head hitting the floor “That hurt let me walk, come on are we even in the same next class?”

“Unfortunately yes we are Mr. Candidate.” She said with disgust.

“Ugh damn it I don’t want to be in class with you.”

“Too bad Mr. Candidate, you’re stuck with me.”

“I have a name you know it is Flynn, stop calling me Mr. Candidate what does that even mean?”

“It means you are a problem that’s all…. Flynn”
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   

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Chapter 1: Vice Arcana
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