Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Chapter 1: Vice Arcana

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Sun Dec 07, 2014 2:07 am


I steeled my resolve and took a deep relaxing breath.
No backing down I had sworn to myself.
Never again...

I dashed forward and became a blur as I swiped the man's wallet flawlessly before losing myself in the thick crowd of the mall floor.
After sequestering myself in the women's bathroom I took a moment to examine the contents of what I'd found.

"Empty? No wait there's-"

A glyph appeared on the wallet and then it transferred into a larger replica on the floor all around me and I felt invisible force press in on me from all directions as I was suspended helplessly from the floor.

The bathroom door opened and I vaguely thought How to explain this one...
When the man I had just robbed slipped inside, closing the door firmly behind me.
I was a fool, I should have known he was too good looking and dressed too finely, I'd taken the bait like- well like the newb that I was.

"Excellent technique for just raw instinct, but still any mage of caliber would have sensed the explosion of mana coming from your little enhancement spell."

He eyed me up and down, his eyes perusing my body and a flare of panic ran through me.

Don't show any weakness. I repeated as a mantra over and over in my head.

The glyph wavered beneath me and he raised a brow.

"How are you casting a counter spell while stasis locked...seems I haven't wasted my time after all."

Counter spell?

He snapped his fingers and I crumpled to the floor, the feeling of gravity returning all too suddenly. I looked to the door and he growled in warning,

"Don't attempt it, you won't make it two steps."

"What do you want?" I said quietly, hating how my voice shook a note.

"Well what do you expect a victim of theft to want? My wallet clearly."

I glared, "Don't play games with me."
Everyone always liked to play games with me, and I had abandoned the mood to play a long time ago.

"You can't spell mage without game gorgeous, which brings me to my proposition-
You are coming with me."

"That's your idea of a proposition? A proposition consists of an element of mutuality."

"Did I say proposition? Sorry i meant how all of this will be played out."

He offered a hand down to me, "Here, let me allow you the pretense of a proposition."
I had no choice, he was utterly beyond my skills.
I stood on my own two feet and ignored his hand.

"Fine, let's go."

He didnt look offended at all, in fact, his smile just looked all the more predatory, like I was showing him exactly what he was looking for.

He opened the door to the bathroom and smirked, "After you."

I eyed him warily and then exited and instead of finding myself in the mall I stood before a large platinum gate barring the way to an exquisite looking school resembling some kind of greek temple with its pristine white marble composition.

"Welcome to Vice Arcana."

The door thudded closed behind me with finality.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Sun Dec 07, 2014 11:10 pm

The moment change settled in, the oak front door slammed closed behind me. Queue the rise of the curtain, allowing me to catch a gimps of the darkness of their soul. With every prior performance, a tainted being stood on the platform, normally hidden behind the gold threaded curtain.

This performer seemed to follow a different performance, as if knowing I have grown wherry from the same show. Instead of ushering me to a room inadequate for my size, he lead me through the ground floor of his two story house. Immediately my enamel shield was drawn, in an attempt to brace myself for the unknown break in the cycle.

The man, whose identity has been unknown the entire time, doesn't halt until we are at the base of stairs leading to the upper level. Attempting to stay calm and avoid creating issues with the elderly man, I proceeded up the stairs after him. Once through the doorway at the top of the landing, he closed the door behind us and twists a golden embellished key inside the lock. However his actions weren't as concerning as the scene that caused my smile to waver for a moment. In front of me was a room with charcoal leather straps lining the walls, along with phallic shaped objects of rainbow hues and harness of assorted sizes.

"Interested in my toys?" The man's first words and they even rang with lustful desire. Something was different though, his voice resonated at a level that could only be associated with one group; he sounded no older than myself. Spinning around and letting my smile dissolve into a scowl, I cast my gaze where the elderly man once stood.

A gentleman with black hair and a pale complexion stood looking at me, clearly the only other person in the room. My smile reformed and he sculpted his own grin, definitely attending for something more physical to come of this.

"Maybe we should skip business and go straight for pleasure?" The raven haired man questioned, making it clear that I had no impact on the outcome.

"I would greatly appreciate you taking me back to the adoption center. Or if it wouldn't be too much of a bother, could you please call me a taxi?" My voice remained smooth, not letting any inner anger to peak through.

"I would love nothing more to oblige to your wishes. However, you are too delectable for me to pass up." With a snap of his fingers, a bright light bathed the room causing me to clasp my eyes shut. Reopening my eyes, there was no sign of the man but a draft in the room became more noticeable, sending shivers throughout my body. Taking a glance down, my hand-me-down jacket laid in shreds at my feet and my bare chest was exposed. Hands glossing over my now exposed and toned abdomen, the pleasure caused spots to appear in my vision. After a moment, a realization settled in, those weren't my hands.

"My touch is quite literally like magic. Doesn't it just stimulate all your nerves? And more splendid is the fact that this is only from touching your upper half." I felt his facial muscles contract into a grin, causing a feeling inside that I'm unfamiliar with.

"Please stop, sir." I pleaded with him, hoping that seeing my composer would provide a lapse in his judgement. The weird sensation lurched inside, definitely not pleased with my methods.

"My, my, resorting to this is so unlike you Laran. Why don't you just put on your brave little smile and let me pleasure myself." That was the final straw, the sensation shot itself out of my being and blasted all the leather, sexual toys, and even the raven-haired man backwards from my position. Looking around, it appeared as though a bomb had recently detonated, the only unscathed item in the room was the other living being. Looking into my eyes, his grin managed to widen as though this game had just become more interesting.  

I bolted. Grasping the key, I swiftly unlocked the door and yanked the key out of the hole. The door opened smoothly and once I was on the other side, I spun around and re-locked the only way the man could reach me.

Gasping for breath, I placed my hands on my knees, causing it to take a moment before I could analyze my surroundings. Towering over me wasn't the two story house I was brought into, but rather a magnificent white building.

Off to my left the first words I could comprehend was a man saying, "Welcome to Vice Arcana."  
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PostSubject: New School   Tue Dec 09, 2014 9:17 pm

I was dragged practically bodily by my captor across the campus grounds with several, what i assumed to be students (judging by all the matching black blazers with crimson ties) gawking.
"Where are you taking me?" I demanded.
He didnt acknowledge me, just proceeded forward with his endless gait.
I focused on his broad shoulders, finally setting my gaze on the center of his back trying to ignore all the staring around me.
He had a symbol emblazoned on his coat and it seemed to draw me in, urging me to dive dive into its depths, to open myself up to

I bumped into him abruptly and he gave me an arched brow.
"We're here."
A large occult circle was engraved into the floor. Seven distinct symbols aligned themselves along the circumference of the seal and I recognized one as a match to kidnapper's coat.
"Where's here-"
He slapped my ass and I stumbled forward. I spun around to slap him but he was gone.
The entire room was gone, just me the circle and darkness.
Was i becoming schizophrenic? All this dimension hopping...
The seals flared to life with each color of the rainbow and as I gazed past the luminous veils of light I saw that each contained an item.
A sword.
A pair of wings.
A tome.
A gorgeous dress.
A shattered mirror
A celtic knot
An hour glass with no sand.
I stepped closer to the shattered mirror and saw my distorted reflection staring back at me, almost angrily, but it couldn't be, I wasn't angry.
The wings didn't flutter, they looked so broken, like they had never taken flight.
The tome was full of runes and images, a spellbook? Power seemed to radiate off the pages.
The dress was extravagant, black and purple lace with a black sash cinched at the waist, and amethyst adornments, it was probably the most expensive thing I'd ever seen. I would have bought it in an instant from just how beautiful it was.
The celtic knot wove infinitely in a network of interconnecting patterns and I wondered at it, not understanding at all its relevance.
The hour glass had no sand to keep time of its own, it had no purpose in being.
Lastly the sword,it stood out to me more than the rest, like the others were all similar but this entirely stood alone.
I approached and it too reflected my image, but this time perfectly, no abrasions, no cloudiness, absolutely perfect. It looked built for me, ready to be at my side. To think if I could cut away all the weaknesses within me, the hesitation, the fear, the indecisiveness the foolishness everything that made me docile and tamed like my family had bred in to me.
Take this and live on the razor's edge of my own desires, to live for myself.
I seized the blade and flourished it, reveling in the shine and perfect weight, the crystalline grip and pommel all of it was so
Arms embraced my middle from behind and I swung the blade with indignation and a calloused hand caught my wrist.
"Prideful are we? I knew you wouldn't disappoint."
He released me and I spun around.
The blade was still in my hand and I was back with my captor.
Violet light flooded from the floor beneath me as the rune that marked his back coiled up and around my thighs to burn with a possessive heat at the hollow of my neck.
"You will discover your pride, and I shall cultivate your sin."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Wed Dec 10, 2014 3:11 am

I had been following the man for hours...    
I'd lost sight of how it begun.      
The man with the monocle captivated me. His simple presence had disrupted my routine. His aura had made me forget my previous plans. I'd had a good day planned.      
No, it wasn't his aura, it was something more specific. It was his smile.    
I may have forgotten my plans, but the man with the monocle remembered his.    
He looked forward to them. He moved with a purpose.    
I needed to know that purpose.    
What could be so satisfying.    
And suddenly the man stopped.    
And he waited.    
So I waited.  
I once again lost track of the hours that passed. The sun was setting, we stood at a crossroads, and occasionally he looked around.      
Looked side to side, resumed staring straight ahead, and the smile never left his face.    
I finally lost my control.    

I don't remember the last time I lost control.  
I only knew how I craved his bliss, his purpose.    
He didn't come here out of obligation or with a simple goal to complete, he came here excited for an outcome. I knew I'd never felt the type of fulfillment he anticipated.    
Words can't describe how badly Gyles craved it.    
The man responded in a way I'd have thought impossible.    
His smile grew wider. His eyes sparkled.    
"I've come here for you, just as you've come here for me"    
"I cant say I expected it to take so long... but at least you've made the wait worth it."    
My anger faded, I supposed I'd been fooled, but I still wasn't sure how it happened.    
I'd regained control but my composure was still filled with confusion.      
"I'm not sure where to begin" "I suppose the question of why would still suffice"    
Gyles dissatisfaction grew slightly at the sound of his own words. He felt that confusion didn't suit him. He still craved the man's smile.    
"Because Vice Arcana won't come to you" He stated, smile still wide upon the man with the monocle.
Then the landscape changed, and I was dissatisfied no more.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Sun Dec 14, 2014 2:26 pm

Astounded and awestruck, the pressure within my head was continuing to build. The last half a day has sent my head into a whirlwind. Closing my eyes, I try to gather my composure and decide my next course of action. Before my mind had a chance to manifest any thoughts, I heard the sounds of laughter. Snapping my head in the direction of the disturbance, my face settled upon a mass of six bodies standing beneath an oak tree a couple yards away. Gowned in black blazers and burgundy ties, the three males appeared to be the source of the laughter. The remaining guy and two girls had flushed faces. The odd thing was they were all looking in my general vicinity. I swiveled my head in different direction, trying to decipher the source of their reaction.

Standing up, I looked down and the cause of their reactions dawned on me: my ragged t-shirt was completely gone and my upper torso was exposed for the entire courtyard's pleasure.  Bolting to the closest shelter opposite from the other students,  I mad it all of three steps before I felt someone tug my hand. The momentum from my abrupt stop caused me to fall to the ground, bringing the mysterious person with me. Heads knocking together, I look to see it is the one guy whose face was blushed. However, he was different now. His face had gone from a pale pink complexion to that of a red delicious apple.

"Ouch, I'm sorry but can- can you- um- please get off of me?" I stuttered, clearly confused about what just happened.

"I'm terribly sorry! Please accept my apologies for this scene I've created." His face continued surprising me, turning darker shades of red that I wasn't sure even existed. He got up and reached down, picking me off the ground as though I was a rag-doll. "My name is Nathan, but just call me Nate. My friends saw you stumble threw the portal and we couldn't help notice the disarray you were in. Here, take this." He took off his black blazer and put it around me.

"A person acting with good intentions? Clearly an ulterior motive is in the works." I thought to myself.
"Thanks" I said, baring my usual smile."Can you please point me to the closest exit or wake me up?"

"O you are a new student I see. You are in for quite a spectacle. You see that building over there?" He pointed to the gleaming white structure, the one I was planning to use as a hiding spot. "Go there and you might get a few answers you are looking for."

With that he turned and rushed off, catching up with his friends, who already started to walk away. For a split second he turned to look at me, and his own smile formed. I turned and walked towards the building.

Once inside, the only sign that there were any rooms was the appearance of a door at the bottom of a set of stairs. Descending into darkness, I could feel my body temperature dropping and chills were sent through my body. Opening the door, I stepped inside to find a space bare of its furnishing and purpose. I turned back to the entrance just in time to witness the door completely faded, leaving a solid cobblestone wall in its wake. I staggered back into the center of the room and without forewarning, a crimson circle of intricate design radiated around me. The rest of the room was plunged into a void as energy surged out of the symbols. As a prickling feeling and a ringing sensation shot through my being, I collapsed onto the floor. The feeling soon turned into pure agony, the simply prickling sense replaced by impalement and the noise continued to spike. Looking through clenched eyes, pillars of lights erupted from the circle’s circumference. Within each, an object began to manifest.

A plastic dart gun from a period of innocence I yearn for.
A smile that was a replica of my own, only it showed no sign of movement or motivation.
A yellow headset, resonating with an aggressively loud but still pleasant melody.
A set of sterling silver wedding bans, engraved with a Chinese character.
A tree branch from a long forgotten ancient white oak tree, still pulsating with ancient energy.
A pair of black flip flops with tally marks on the soles that I had worn while in the system.
And a brass knuckle that showed remnants of blood, that I’m sure once was mine.

Not sure if it would help, but I began to crawl in the direction of one of the luminescent pillars. It was reaching out for me but at this moment, I required its aid more. Trying to reach my hand up, my fingers brushed against the cold metal, before I blacked out, halfway in the pillar.

Without knowing the amount of time that has lapsed, my eyes fluttered open to see the wooden door that had vanished. My entire body was sore and as soon as I tried to stand, the room began to spin. Reaching up to steady my head, my hands wrapped around a foreign object that I have no recollection of. A yellow headset. At that moment two things became aware to me: I had dried blood trailing from my nose and ears but also the sound from the headset was soothing my body. Soon my body was in a condition that I could stand up without the feeling of lightheadedness. When I reached for the door, I noticed two identical symbols had appeared on the backs of my hands.

Still uncertain of what was waiting for me, I put on my smile and ascended the stairs. The only thing I knew for sure, I have a copious amount of questions, and the pile isn't condensing.

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Dec 16, 2014 4:10 am


I wasn't sure where I was. But I didn't care how I got there.  
There was a power surging in the room; surging through me.    
Here I felt alive.    
The darkness of the room hid its size and the floor was a dark marble.    
The dark marble floor contained a rune engraved circle, dimly lit by the occasional white candle.      
The circle contained 7 circles    
The first circle was empty but alight with an aura of pure darkness. The type that stood out even in a room as dark as this, seemingly consisting of emptiness itself. (envy)
The second circle contained a carefully cared for locket, nevertheless worn with signs of age (wrath)
The next held a small granite statue, in the likeness of myself. (pride)
Fourth was a portrait of a woman, carefully drawn to change with the angle she was viewed from. (lust)    
Further on was a solid gold bar, flawless but without a shine (sloth)
In the sixth circle sat a trophy, a symbol of success (greed)
Lastly and farthest away, a large archaic scroll glowed with runes of power (gluttony)

I didn't understand why I was here or what this meant but i felt one with the room around me. a peculiar bond tied me to each object and I may have enjoyed the situation peacefully if the question hadn't remained; what did the emptiness mean?    
The question didn't bother me long.    
"This isn't right. This isn't right at all." said the man with the monocle as he appeared besides me. "You have the power, the room undeniably recognizes it. But it's never failed to produce an artifact."      
He scratched his head and turned to me, "I suppose we'll just have to proceed, but I cant tell if its you or the circle that's lacking"      
"Proceed?" I responded quickly.    
"Proceed, indeed. It's time you choose, I can say nothing more"    
I could see through the attempt to hide his frustration. I resumed staring at the circle in the hope I would understand." And once again I waited. But this time his patience broke.

He still didn't talk but he did proceed forward. Just a few steps to view the empty circle that seemed to have caused this confusion. Then just a few steps later it caused more. He stopped walking but didn't stop moving. An unseen force dragging him closer, inch by inch ever closer. The monocled man moved towards the darkness. I saw terror on his face as I proceeded to watch. He turned and he struggled but his feet stayed fastened to the floor. Without leaving it they still slid closer.    
And suddenly they left the ground.    
And he flew into the circle.    
A flash of light and the situation changed, but it appeared as if it always was. The void was gone, the mans terror gone with it. He stood smiling where the emptiness had been. It was finally time to move.  
I briskly walked to the first and closest circle and I reached through the aura that remained. I plucked the monocle off his face and knew my choice had been made.    

I turned and left, instinctively striding towards a door I hadn't seen before. Monocle upon my eye and a smile on my face it was now a rather plain looking frowning man that remained. And I felt I had begun to change.
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PostSubject: Blade of Splendor   Sun Feb 01, 2015 10:01 pm


"Well a blade that has yet to be tempered is no good," he shifted to his right and raised his right arm in a battle stance, "Come at me then."

I stared him down. He was serious, there was no hesitation or playfulness in his demeanor.  I had no idea what I was doing.
I lunged forward and struck but my attack was deflected by invisible force as he waved it off.


I changed angles and struck low, aiming for his legs-
Deflected and this time the wave of force flung me backward as he swept his arm in a great arc.


I was being toyed with. This sword was useless in my hands, I had no idea how to fight.
I accelerated and came at him from behind-
-Deflected. I was sent sprawling across the floor.

"Pathetic." He spat the word at me.

I stood shakily and held the blade before me.
He wafted his hand this way and that shockwaves striking at me that I barely deflected.

"Where is your Pride?" He thrust his palm at me and I skidded across the ground.
The blade fell from my hand and I crawled feebly after it. As I grabbed it I caught my reflection in its depths.
Eyes teary from the pain. Hair disheveled. Lip bloody.
How unseemly.

Where was my pride?

I was better than this. Stronger than this. I stood and rounded on him.
I would not be embarrassed further. I wasn't some girl- I was...

A magus. A warrior.

I held the blade firmly before me, holding it perpendicular with my right foot.
I watched my reflection in the blade, my eyes narrowing with contempt.

"Again," I spat.

He waved his hand and I swatted the attack aside.
This was so beneath me.
I pressed the advance-

I drew blood as his arm slumped and I danced away out of range.

He grinned at me. "Passable, now heal this for me."

"Excuse me? I don't take orders from you," my lips slanted in a smirk.

His eyes danced with amusement, "Really riding that wave of magick are you?"

He stepped and wrapped an arm around my waist and drew me in, "If you won't take orders, then order me around sometime," his voice was a hot whisper against my ear and at his touch I felt electricity and something passed between us.

I watched in amazement as the blood retracted from his wound and closed instantaneously.

"Now then young apprentice, let's get you properly suited up."

He snapped his fingers and my clothes vanished in a burst of light to be replaced by new garb.

"Classes start tomorrow, you're off for the rest of the day."

And with that he vanished in a blur.
I sank to my feet in exhaustion, having refused to display further weakness in front of him.
My heart was still pounding from the connection that ran through us and I had a sneaking suspicion he had stolen some mana from me.
I needed to find food to replenish my energies then I would explore the school.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Sun Feb 01, 2015 11:30 pm

Venturing back into the courtyard, my psyche and body were feeling rejuvenated. It wasn’t until I reached the tree from before that I registered difference in the atmosphere. Not a single member of the student body was insight. I glanced up to the clock tower, attached to what I could only assume as the main building.

“I could have sworn that I was inside for a longer period of time.” It’s as if barley anytime had passed.

“Must have been an intense ceremony, you were in there for almost five minutes.” A mysterious yet familiar voice playfully teased. In the direction it originated from, only the oak stood. An auburn haired student was sitting in a tree smiling at me. Nathan.

“How pleasant it is to see you again.” This gentleman still gave off unsettling vibes that told me to stay on guard. “I’m almost certain it has been a longer period than that. Plus why were you waiting for me?”

“I wasn’t just going to provide a cup and not fill it with a drink. You’re new to the academy and I’m obliged to at least help you figure out how to fill up the cup.” His head tilted slightly and a smirk appeared, “The headset is new though. Seems much more practical than the chain I had received.” As he said that a steel chain slid out his sleeve and started swinging back and forth.

“You just want your blazer back, isn’t it?” I could sense he wanted more, they always do, but wouldn’t reveal it that easily.

“Well now that you got your focus, you can produce your own uniform. Just think of your essence enveloping you and taking form on this material plane. As for my blazer, you wearing it can be compared to you having part of me with you.” He winked.

I tossed the black top on to the dirt ground beneath the tree without second thought. Nathan’s face reformed into a sadden puppy’s as he watched me throw him away. Turning away, I positioned the headsets on my ears and turned the knob for volume up. Picturing the music bars encompassing my body, they transformed into threads that laced together to form a magnificent obsidian black uniform. Unlike the other student’s uniforms I have gazed upon, mine lacked any traces of maroon in the tie, cuffs, or trim, just pure black.

“This magnificent view you are providing is almost enough to compensate my fractured heart. But it’s of no wonder you were branded wrath, you can be very cold.” My brows furrowed and eyes rolled at his childish remark but wait, what did he mean wrath?

“Wrath?” I held up my hands, “That’s what these bizarre symbols refer to?” This wasn’t making any sense. Sure I have been in skirmishes but I just let people let out their aggression. Not a single fist is ever raised.

“You looked baffled. Take it from a fellow student, it makes sense in due time. For now how about you go obtain subsidence and settle in. Cafeteria is the shiny domed building to your left. Just don’t exhaust yourself because tomorrow classes begin for you.” The metal chain began wrapping itself around the branch he was perched on. With that, he slid down and walked in the opposite direction of the dining hall. A tremor resonated in my pit.

“Getting some food might actually do me good.” I strolled towards the building, thinking over what the mental case head said.
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PostSubject: School Life   Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:05 am


"You look lost," a deep baritone addressed me.

"Not lost, just new," I said offhandedly.

The man came closer and offered a hand, "I'm Veritas."

He had a winsome smile and honest aquiline blue eyes. He towered over me, at least 6'5 with unruly blonde hair that I had to admit worked with his physique.

I put a hand on my hip and turned my head sizing him up, "Asteria."

When I didn't move to take his hand he reached out instead and took mine, "Pleasure to meet you. Where is it your headed, I'll help guide you."

Why was he so adamant about this?
I didn't want to just blurt out that I was half starving, so I opted for, "Just touring the grounds getting my bearings."

"Well then, we should have lunch together first and then i'll show you around, won't do to explore on an empty stomach."

Was he psychic or something?
I must have gave him a look because he smiled and his eyes intensified in color,

"Eyes of the Dragon, I can see truth, and its easy to see by your low energy levels you need to eat."

"You know the last thing a girl wants to hear on a first encounter is that you've been undressing her with your eyes," I narrowed my eyes at him but he remained unphased.

He moved in close for but a second, "Its important to make allies here."

"Oh and what has made your heart settle on me?"

He tilted his head at me, "Its plain for everyone here to see you are a new power player. Not only were you recruited by Arch Sage Xenophiel, but you are branded with his mark, you've been announced as a favorite."

That son of a bitch.

"So you've decided I'll be an asset to you I see."

"I am a mage of Gluttony, thema: Spontaneity. I had an urge to talk to you, so I did, nothing more nothing less. Now I have an urge to be in your presence, I can see it now, you make ripples, where ripples originate there is fun to be had."

There was something enjoyable about him that I couldn't quite put a finger on, and since no one else had elected to welcome me it wasn't like he was the worst choice.

"You can buy me that lunch now."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Mon Feb 02, 2015 8:46 pm

Hesitantly, I grasped the handle of the building Nathan had indicated as the Cafeteria. Clearly he’s skilled in the art of underrating as the interior showed that not even the restaurants of the rich can compare. A solid granite pathway with gold trim lead to the center, where a copious amounts of white clothed tables were being utilized. Corinthian pillars surrounded the outer perimeter, perfectly framing the fronts to each cafe. Not a grand amount students were to be found in here, allowing for me to find a table situated next to one of the pillars.

With my back to the column, I took in my surrounding and the other black and maroon clad students. Most seem unphased by their setting, as though this was everyday for them. That is with the exception of two parties: a female, gowned in a black and white gothic uniform, with her tall male compatriot and an older gentleman who was pulling off a monocle.

I sighed and smiled. “This sure is a conglomeration of sorts.” A vibration originating in my stomach made it’s presence known. “Guess I do need something to give me an energy boost.”

The cafe to my left appeared to produce an assortment of breakfast food. Standing, I was about to head in the direction until a door to my right opened, allowing a delectable smell to waft past me. Entering the one cafe, the only person inside was an adorable short old lady standing behind the counter.

Looking at me, she smiled.“What might I be able to help you with?”

“I couldn’t help but notice an intriguing scent that came from your shop. What was it and what might you actually sell here?” There was no indication within the shop. Plants in various pots and hangers lined the walls. If the counter was gone, this place could easily be mistaken as a floral shop.

“My practice is brewing, meaning I can produce some of the most onerous potions in all of Vice Arcana. Taking that skill, I opted to start my own tea shop instead. All the teas are produced in shop via the multitude of ingredients on the walls. Can I interest you in some?” Her arms gesturing around her to all the different foliage.

“If you have something on the sweeter side, I will be grateful.”

Smirking she turned and started pulling berries of different hues and shapes off the miscellaneous plants. Plopping them into a ceramic kettle, a hose materialized in her right hand and a few multicolored flowers in her left hand. “Some hot water from a secret underground spring and nectar from these flowers and your tea will be ready.” A “clink” noise sounded, signifying that the lid was in place and my order was ready. Passing me the kettle, she also produced a set of four small Japanese tea cups.

“I really appreciate it but I only will require one cup and I’m not even sure I can pay for this.” My cheeks produced a slight blush, realizing my ill planning.

“Nonsense, it is on the house. Consider both the tea and the set as a  welcoming present. As for the cups, tea is always more enjoyable in the presence of unique company. Now get going before it goes cold and make sure to bring me your future business.” She hobbled through the back door and left me alone in the shop.

Back at my table I set the tea kettle down along with the four cups. Pouring my own cup, I looked up to see if any unique characters would be joining me.
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PostSubject: Tea   Mon Feb 02, 2015 9:08 pm


I felt the boy's gaze travel over me and I watched him out of the corner of my eye.
Wow, hosting a whole tea party, he looks like the poster boy for I have no friends.
He was clearly inviting me over, and he wasn't the worst thing to look at, couldn't hurt my nonexistent image that badly.
I took a seat at his table and Veritas followed.
I sipped the offered tea and sighed with contentment at the rich flavor.

"A man that knows his tea is certainly of preferable company," I watched him from over my cup before offering a hand.

"My name is Asteria, and this is my companion Veritas. I'll be taking over this school in the next few weeks, care to be on the winning team?" I smiled radiantly.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:07 pm

This female was definitely most peculiar. The way she carried herself, as though she had no evident flaws, was breath taking. I’m accustomed to having people hide their intentions from me, but she was blunt and I relished in the change.

“Aren’t we ambitious?” I grinned at the thought of her goal, but couldn’t help but appreciate her mindset and motivation. I clasp my hand in hers. “I am Laran and it is a pleasure to be in the presence of such a driven lady.” Pointing over to Veritas, “His presence is unsettling though.”

I took a sip from my cup and felt revitalized from Granny’s brew. I looked both of them over as I contemplated whether or not getting involved in her antics was beneficial.

“I just have three questions: Why? How would I benefit from this? And would I be required to do anything…directly?”

As long as I could still be a background character and receive some answers, it wouldn’t matter whose side I was on.
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PostSubject: Plans   Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:22 pm


"Of course you would be required to participate, if you're worthless then you're worthless why would I have any desire to carry unnecessary baggage? Benefits are obvious, all conquerors reap benefits from the lands and people they subjugate that's a no brainer, and why is a redundant question."
Veritas kicked his boots up on the table and grinned, "Sounds like fun doesn't it?"
"The first step is simple. Veritas clued me in on our first assignment, a trip into the forbidden library to acquire a Codex, a personal book of magick. We simply have to pass with flying colors and make a name for ourselves, that will be our shoe in the door. Then we simply swallow up and big brother and sister the weaker students and add their power to our ranks before we assimilate stronger and stronger students. It will be simple," I drummed my nails on the table and smiled.
"We need only acquire a couple more power players before our venture into the library to ensure things go smoothly, anyone come to mind

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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:25 pm

“Well kids what should we do today anything in particular any of you want to do today?” I asked the children. When one of them shot up their hand, “Yes Angelo do you have a idea for today?”

“Mr. Flynn you forgot your hat, and your cape today, you can’t put a show on for us without your hat and cape, without them you are just like any other magician.” I had already known that I had forgot them that was part of today’s show.

“Why Angelo it does seem that way but let my check my jacket maybe I put them in the wrong pocket today.” Throwing my jacket open I gestured to my inside pocket, when Jessica’s hand went up.

“Mr. Flynn you can’t fit a cape and a hat inside of a pocket that small it just isn’t possible all of us know that.”

“Well my dear Jessica isn’t that what makes it magical when it is possible?” Letting a small surge of mana course through me I materialized my hat and cape into my hand as I pulled it out of my pocket doing a little spin for showmanship. “And that’s why I am I truly am magnificent, I can do the impossible my little friends.” Throwing on my cape and hat I bowed to my little audience, “So have any of you seen my lovely assistant?”

“He’s over there in the puddle Mr. Flynn!” pointed on of the children.

I walked over to the puddle to find Demon Lord Duckie upside down trying to drown himself again “Mr. Duckie now what did I say about swimming you have to keep your head above the water or else you will drown, isn’t that right kids?”

“This is a waste of your magic Flynn you shouldn’t be using your magic to entertain children, you should not be using it to get whatever you want.” Demon Lord Duckie grumbled as I picked him up. The kids were unable to hear him as far as I know only I could hear him talking.

Oh come off it Lord Duckie, this is what I want to have fun with people, to put smiles on their faces with something that I can do. Isn’t that enough?

“No it’s not maybe one day you will understand.”

Turning back toward the kids I put Lord Duckie on my shoulder, anchoring him to my shoulder with a thread of mana I took a bow, “Now to begin our show my friends!” Materializing a book into my hand from the library I lifted it in the air. “We all know the story of little red riding hood don’t we?”

The children let out a collective “Yes!” before clapping their little hands together in excitement.

“Well good than let’s get started, Susan you can be my little red,” I materialized a red cloak about her size from behind my back and wrapped it around her, “And you Theodore can be my Big Bad Wolf.” I pulled a pair wolf ears and a snout from under my hat.

“Mr. Flynn there is a limo here is that for you, and look there is even men in suits.” Called out Marcus.

One of the men in black came right up to the group and got down on one knee taking off his sun glasses, “Why yes we are here to take Mr. Flynn to a surprise show that even he didn’t know about our boss has been watching the shows he does for you kids and wants to have him do it on a big stage now wouldn’t that be nice kids, who knows he could one day be famous.” What was he talking about, who could be watching me, and do they know about my magic?

“Mr. Flynn you have a show on a stage?!” Exclaimed the children, “You have to go this could be your chance to become famous.”

“But what about our show guys don’t you want me to finish our show first?” Honestly I didn’t want to go; I was ok just doing the show for the kids then going home, but they all gave me this longing stare like they really wanted me to go. “Ok I guess I will go but, while I am gone you can’t give Miss. Veronica a hard time because you didn’t get a magic show today, alright?”

“Yes Mr. Flynn, now get going this is your chance to show the world how magnificent you are.” They all waved good bye, and began to walk toward the building where Miss. Veronica was waiting at the door counting them as they walked in.

“Your pretty good with kids aren’t you mister.” I joked as I followed my strange new ‘friend’.

“Naturally, I work at a school most of the time just out on some errands today like picking you up for your show.” He opened the limo door and gestured me in.

As I sat down I asked “What kind of school is it vocational, public, private…” when I felt my whole body surge with electricity and the crackle of a Taser filled my ear drums.

As I blacked out I heard the door slam shut and my captor answer my question “Well a magic school of course, Vice Arcana where you are now a student Mr. Flynn the Magnificent.”
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PostSubject: Dark Magick   Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:52 pm

The word was hissed in hushed tones as I walked across the grounds.
The tattoo that was the mark of my fall pulsated with black light as if it recognized the word.
I stopped midstride towards the buffet line as I was surrounded by students.
The largest of the group broke away from the circle and squared off against me.

"You aren't wanted here Contractor, your magick is desperation sought by the weak."

"I've been welcomed to this school just the same as you. Now get out of my way."
A blade of air sliced by cheek and warm blood ran down my neck to stain my shirt.

"I won't ask again," He said simply.

My eyes opened fully, reflecting the arcane tattoo that draped my shoulders,

"I won't ask again either, human."

I watched as the air condensed into another blade but I was faster.

"Oh infinitesimal air, become the sanguine blade of destruction,"

I flooded the mana he has drawn to himself with my own and fused it into my spell as a cyclone exploded through their ranks sending half the circle flying.
Flames roared to life behind me and several spheres of flame were hurled my way.

"Tears of the Earth become frozen desolation," A wall of ice sprang up around me and shielded against the flames.
"Condense eternity into the creation I perceive."
The wall detonated into icy shards and I hurled them outward pinning my attackers to the floor.

I raised my hand to-

I stopped and growled.

"Move against me again and I'll kill you all."

I moved to get my food when a woman stood up and clapped her hands.

"You. How'd you like to become my right hand man?"
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PostSubject: <3 <3   Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:06 pm

"Laran...we have to add that guy."
I had to admit he was slightly-impressive.
To have someone like that tightly leashed to my side as a weapon, not to mention his level of attractiveness.
I smiled.

"Laran why not demonstrate your magick for me and we'll show that guy the kind of power we have."

I gripped Laran's hand and dragged him across the floor.

"Greetings I'm Asteria, future monarch of this school, this is my retainer Laran."
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PostSubject: ...   Mon Feb 02, 2015 11:35 pm

"Future monarch...?"

This woman's words were delusional, but the way she spoke, the conviction in her eyes and the posture of her body, hell maybe she could conquer this school.
She reminded me of-
-I shook my head. Exactly the reason I shouldn't be anywhere near her.

"You're aiming for a popularity contest," I gestured to the injured students on the floor, "I'm the antithesis to your quandary."

I'd been in several skirmishes like this, none of the students dare call the teachers as any simple augury spell would reveal I only practiced self defense, as excessive as it may be, not to mention their pride at being defeated so easily by a student of their rank.

"I never said anything about popularity, a monarch doesn't have to be liked, they simply need to rule effectively and with power."

She pointed at me, "You are power. As monarch I need a court wizard in my ranks."

"Sorry, I'm not interested."

I expected indignation or her temper to flare, but instead-

"-I didn't expect you to join, and your refusal only confirms that you are someone I want in my ranks. You will see, my side is the only logical choice."
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:10 am

“ A simple yes or no would have sufficed.” I sigh knowing the inevitable,  just wanting to sit back and avoid the issues surrounding others. “You can expect my hand so long as I can stay in this world.”

Looking over to Veritas, “Were you raised in a barn? Get your filthy boots off this table, especially when I’m drinking my tea.” Pouring out another cup, I filled up Asteria’s cup before a scene broke out across the cafeteria.

“This place certainly doesn’t lack entertainment,” the thought appeared in my mind. My female companion...or would it be more correct to say general, stood up. Clearly she desired to have a band of misfits for when we enter the Library. Despite my opinions on the others, this opportunity seemed like a good way to experience a life that held purpose. The one thing that was really aggravating me though: the immature pack of students who didn’t know how to properly pick fights.

Before another word could slip through my lips, I felt my hand being gripped. Stumbling up out of my chair, the cup I had fell to the table and spilled. “Strike one for the Princess,” I thought as my smile turned into a scowl. In a few paces, Asteria and I were standing face to face with the “Contractor”. They began talking about the Grand Monarchy plan for the school but clearly this guy wasn’t biting.

“Why not think about joining us for tomorrow’s lesson?” tapping the cranium of one of the unconscious kids. “It is an excellent time to judge both our intentions and our powers.” With that my headphones from around my neck began playing alternative rock melodies,  sensing that I wanted the offer to sound more persuasive.

I reached out my hand, hoping his next action didn't involved a missing appendage.
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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:41 am

“You’re and idiot Flynn who gets into a random limo with strange men wearing suits and sunglasses, I swear I thought you were smarter than that.”

Demon Lord Duckie is that you?

“Who else would it be you imbecile, your landlord, of course it is me you simpleton!” he yelled in my ear making me shoot awake.

No need to be an asshole about it though Lord Duckie, opening my eyes I found myself no longer in the limo but on what seemed to be a school campus, a very large and quite beautiful school campus. Wow pretty nice place huh Lord Duckie?

“I hate you, but look there are people walking toward us and they all have mana ready be careful Flynn you should ready some sort of counter measure just in case they seek to harm you, something like a smoke screen than summon multiple daggers to throw at them shouldn’t be that hard for you especially with me here.”

Sounds good to me if they pose a threat otherwise why go through the trouble and make enemies?

“You should assume everyone here is your enemy, they electrocuted you to get you here you think they are friendly?”

Well I mean these people look closer to my age and if anything they look more afraid than in a mood to hurt me or you. Standing up I took a bow and introduced myself “Well hello I am Flynn Izaya nice to make your acquaintances may I ask who all of you are?”

The girl leading the group of uniformed teens barked “Shut up and don’t move!

“Well I guess that is my queue to exit stage right isn’t it Lord Duckie?” Let’s see if they like this trick, letting a pool of mana form in my hand I crushed it creating a smoke screen that was about fifteen feet by ten feet enough to obscure their vision so I could start running to hell with trying to hurt them like Duckie said.

“You’re gonna regret not trying to kill them Flynn trust me I should know last time I didn’t kill someone it came back to bit me in my rubber duck butt.” Sighed Lord Duckie

No we should be fine what can they do if they can’t see me?

“They might not be able to see you physically but the smoke doesn’t cover your aura, I never did mention to you that all magic users have an aura huh well maybe if you did real magic and not gimmick magic I would have told you this sooner.”

“Crap so they can see me?” Damn it and just as I opened my mouth I felt my body get wrapped up in chains really heavy chains, too heavy to stand in fact I fell to my knees. The smoke cleared and there was that grumpy girl standing no more than two feet from me. “So I guess you didn’t like my magic trick huh?”

“All that mana, and power and all you does is a little smoke screen if this is a joke I am not laughing, but I am not taking the chance that it is just you playing with us, everyone focus your mana on those chains and levitate him till we get him to the circle!”

I felt the weight of the chains lift and my feet no longer could touch the floor “Wow this is some like real magic, did you guys learn this here?” All of them had concerned looks on their faces like they were afraid of me like I did something wrong or I was going to do something wrong. “Hey you are wearing the same kind of jacket with that weird symbol on it are you guys in the same class or something like that?”

“Flynn stop asking some many questions and think of how you will get out of here maybe if you wait to get to this circle they are speaking of then send out a burst of mana yeah maybe that will work but you have to listen to me.” Lord Duckie instructed.

But I want to know more about this place and the kind of magic they are using it could be useful ya know Lord Duckie, plus that girl could use a couple roses to get a smile on that face of hers.

“Finally showing an interest in other magic hmmmm, than forget the plan let them do with you as they see fit and we will see where this goes.” Lord Duckie seemed to be thinking very intently on something.

“So Miss um I didn’t get your name, where are you taking me, to some circle thing care to elaborate on that or maybe just your name for now?” I poked for information.

“Don’t talk to me we are here, drop him on the circle, see you later candidate.” She gave me a sinister smile as I felt the weight of the chains return and my face hit the ground but when I looked up everything was gone and I was surrounded by darkness.

“Where the hell am I now, hey Lord Duckie do you have any idea where we might be now?” I turned to look at him but he wasn’t on my shoulder any more where could he have gone I tied him to my shoulder? Standing up and taking a step I was blinded by a flash of light when my sight came back I was surrounded by a bunch of Demon Lord Duckies, but none of them said anything to me and each of them had something different.

My Cape
My Hat
A Book
The keys to my apartment
A picture of the orphanage
A stack of money
But the last one had all of those things and a letter… from my mom. I felt my body move on its own I reached for that letter grasping the Lord Duckie on top of the letter the area exploded with light and I found myself in a room with an elderly man with a more than pleased look on his face. “Greedy now aren’t you, wanting the one thing you can never have and everything else too, good you will need that greed.”

I felt anger rising up in me “Shut the hell up and give me that letter!” The room began to shake and my vision started to turn red, I could feel tremendous amounts of mana pulsating from my body. “Give it to me or else?”

“Or else what Flynn are you going to summon a bunch of smoke till I suffocate what real magic do you have, you know nothing of real magic and that’s why I brought you here to make sure you don’t put your power to waste.” The old man licked his lips like I was some kind of savory meal, “Plus that letter was just a figment of your imagination nothing more than a test to see if you would be accepted to this academy, and now it is my honor to let you know you are accepted. Now I know how you like your outfit so I won’t change your clothes but I did add your sin’s symbol on your back, you should go get some food in your belly you must be hungry, good luck in class tomorrow Mr. Flynn."

“I will kill…” I felt the air get ripped from my lungs and my vision went black, I passed out, and when I woke up the old man was nowhere to be found and I was outside again “Damn it what the hell just happened, what is wrong with me why was I so angry I never act like that mother taught me better than to burst out like that.” Calming my breathing I looked around and saw a large group of I guess students filing into a building I guess that’s the cafeteria.

“It would seem so Flynn.” A familiar voice rang in my ears.

Demon Lord Duckie oh gosh thank goodness you are alright I got worried something happened to you, don’t ever disappear on me like that again.

“What are you talking about Flynn I was with you the whole time and I was most impressed with that raw amount of mana you were pumping out while you were angry with that old man, now if you would just use that kind of power all the time we could actually get things done around here, but that is a conversation for later for now let’s get you some food you haven’t eaten since breakfast of yesterday.”

Wait a whole day has gone by and I haven’t eaten, let’s go right now. Tying him to my shoulder again and dispersing my hat and cape I ran toward the cafeteria man I was hungry.
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PostSubject: Agreed   Tue Feb 03, 2015 12:53 am

"Seeing as how my purpose for being at this school is to attend classes, yes I will be there, there's no need to use sonics for emotional augmentation to encourage my already premeditated plans for the day."
Hmm was that their game? She had a silver tongue and disarming good looks while he subtly plucked at their target's emotional strings? Hmph unfortunate for them, my feelings no longer belonged solely to me.
"Tell you what, when I see this little scheme of yours gain momentum then I'll hop on your invitation, until then we don't exist to each other."

"In the library you'll find it in your best interest to ally yourself with us if you really want to come out with your Codex unscathed."
I stopped and looked back at her, murder in my eyes.
"Are you threatening me?"
She strode past me nonchalantly and smiled that radiant smile of hers,

"I prefer loyalty that doesn't stem from fear, you see the students here tried to gank you in broad daylight. You don't think they'll try again with some Hunger Games labyrinth of a library? Think about it, i'm offering you power and protection, again logic dictates my side is the only way to go."
I looked at Laran, his particular brand of magick was extremely useful and then there was Veritas.
I wonder if she had an inkling of just how powerful a man he was. Perhaps she felt entitled being branded by Arch Sage Xenophiel as an upcoming Pride Magician but beneath Veritas' armor was the brand of Arch Sage Deitian.
I couldn't argue that there was an appeal to joining them, and certainly with my power added in taking over this school would be a foreseeable reality.
My eyes turned back to her.
Just how powerful could she be? Especially catching Xenophiel's attention, he rarely surfaced from the library and for her to bare his mark-
Xenophiel was only interested where the threads of destiny converged, could that be her?
Perhaps I'd already been knotted, but I would wait to see how this turned out.
"Til we meet again...Asteria."
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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Tue Feb 03, 2015 11:17 pm

Walking into the cafeteria I was greeted by a bunch of students on the ground but I did not have time for them I needed to get myself some food, I quickly surveyed each café and even though they had a variety of food and beverages none of them had something I wanted. This is a disappointment Lord Duckie I swear a school with all this money and power and I can’t find something to eat.

“Just eat anything; I swear sometimes you can be so picky when it comes to food.”

Ugh I guess I will just have to summon myself up some food huh Lord Duckie?

“Such wastes of your powers but go ahead do as you please.” Lord Duckie said disappointed.

I waltzed up to a table of students with the same symbol on their backs as the group from before “Hey you guys mind if I sit here?” I asked with a smile. All of them looked like I said I was going to kill them and as quickly as I got to their table they grabbed their food and walked away as fast as they could. “I wonder what their problem is?” Sitting down at the now empty table I rolled up my sleeves and began to think about what I might want to eat hmmmmm oh I know a Cheese steak, mussels in red sauce, warm smores pop tarts, a bottle of mountain dew, and a cranberry muffin that sounds good to me. Clapping my hands together I started to charge up my mana to summon my meal, “And let the feast begin in five….four….three….two….one….zero.” I released the mana and on the table appeared my meal fit for a king, and this king started to dig in. Ya know Lord Duckie nothing beats a meal you designed yourself and didn’t have to cook. I laughed as I ate the food.

“You are truly a waste of good magic.”

How can you call this a waste, whatever not like he can enjoy food anyway, I devoured my meal in mere minutes, I stuffed my face, and filled my belly to near bursting. I was satisfied but you know what would really hit the spot now a hot cup of tea, I could see a small tea shop but honestly I didn’t want to get up. Focusing a small amount of mana in my left hand I held it up and thought about having a delicious cup of tea releasing the mana in my hand a red tea cup appeared. “What a lovely cup.” Taking a sip of the tea inside I found the tea to be even more enjoyable than the cup, “and the tea ain’t half bad either, man gotta love magic.”
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Wed Feb 04, 2015 12:49 am

Watching our new acquaintance walking away, I couldn’t help but become more infatuated with who he was. The Contractor had to be a prodigy of sorts, clearly skilled and accomplished with magic. I didn’t even intend for my headsets to trigger with the intent to sound more persuasive, I was under the assumption that it was me naturally.  For him to know what I was producing without me even being aware of it, pretty impressive.

“Well that went well if I do say so myself.” I start flexing my fingers and hand. “At least I’m still together in one piece.” I turned to look at Asteria, “All we can do is show him tomorrow that your “ball” is rolling much quicker than he cares to admit. Regardless, you will have another in your ranks soon enough.” With that I turned and headed back to where we had sat down for tea.

Picking up my cup I dropped, I poured the remainder of tea for myself. I set to place the kettle back down and reach for my teacup, but it wasn’t there anymore. I’m positive it was here a moment ago, frantically searching.Standing up, I was about to look under the table when I notice a man sitting at another table with a rubber duckie. More importantly though, he was now sipping delicious tea out of a red cup. My cup.

Every other occasion I would just turn away and not be concerned with confronting a man I knew little about. This case was different, no one should dare step in between me and my tea. Walking over to the table, I could sense that I was going to burst on this stranger.

“Excuse me.” My voice was full of hostility.

“Breathe Laran.” I thought to myself. “You don’t want to start something you won’t be able to tackle later.”

In a slightly chipper tone “Do you realize where you got that cup of tea from? Because it was the cup I had just poured for myself. I’d really appreciate it back.” The smile was not genuine at all but yet again, when was it with me.
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PostSubject: Interesting   Wed Feb 04, 2015 1:23 am

I watched Laran stride across the room to accost the stranger that had just walked in. He bore the symbol of greed but from the looks of how he used his power he looked more like a glutton than Veritas did... and what was up with the duck?
Laran mentioned something about a stolen tea cup and for the entire what...30 minutes I've known him- I never had seen him so animated.
I sipped more tea- well it was pretty damn good.
I watched the two men accost each other and thought quietly to myself how great it would be to see them fight. Desperation would force their hand and I'd get to see depth to the magick they each wielded.
I still had no idea what Laran was capable of, unless whatever the elemental guy had spouted was true.
Maybe Veritas could analyze his power with those eyes of his, but just because he saw truth didn't mean he was an honest man, especially with what he said about a thema being spontaneity?
Translation: utter wild card.
No matter, I would wield them all as I saw fit.
Come on Laran, give me a good show.
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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   Wed Feb 04, 2015 2:35 am

“Excuse you indeed, I have no idea what you are talking about I summoned this cup of tea so it’s mine, you must have misplaced your cup and just cause my cup looks similar you think I stole it, sorry kid but unfortunately for you I am not exactly in the giving mood since I got here yourself included everyone has been hostile toward me.” Standing up to face my accuser, I found him to be wearing a uniform like the rest of the students except his didn’t have any crimson, “So I guess you are too good for manners and  the school colors too.” I could feel anger building up in me again what about this placed aggravated me so much or was I still bothered by the old man, either way this guy chose the wrong time.

“What are you doing Flynn this isn’t like you but please don’t stop I am quite enjoying this new you that you have been showing me since we got here.”

Honestly Lord Duckie shut it for now till I handle this situation, “You should go sit down before I send you to the nurses office they have one of those here right, cause if they don’t they should make one for you and those other kids on the floor.” I started pooling mana just in case this kid had any bright ideas. Street magic when done right can work in any situation, and street magic was my forte.
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"Wow what a genius I am, I hate life, so how about I go walk into a desert. Nice job me now I am lost who knows where and who knows how far from civilization..." As I walked through Death Valley all I could think about was how stupid I was for actually doing this. I got spooked by some vultures and lost my orientations and have been stuck aimlessly walking around out here for almost a day I am tired and thirsty because of course I didn't pack any water and hadn't drank much before I left, for a straight A student I sure am a dumb-ass. Then out of the corner of my eye I saw it. "Must be a mirage" I thought to myself "eh screw it if I am gonna die then it might as well be the way I lived chasing something I can never reach." With that I set out towards the strange door that had appeared from out of nowhere, or had it always been there at the edge of my vision clear now because I was truly alone and without the cloud of purpose. "Wow what a weird thought the heat must be getting to me why would a door be following me around." As I reached the door I saw letters on it that read "Vice Arcana" I had no clue what those words meant but they would be the last words I ever saw because as soon as I touched the door with my extending hand it would disappear and I would no doubt die... "OH MY GOD, the door is not disappearing! This can only mean one thing. I am in a hyper realistic near death mirage like when peoples lives flash before their eyes but instead its a cool dream. I did not know this was possible. If only I wasn't about to die in the real world this could change our knowledge of near death experiences. Well no time to stand around holding a door knob I have a lucid dream to experience before I die." With that I opened the door and stepped inside to Vice Arcana.

I looked around I had just stepped into a strange room with no lighting and a weird circle in the middle and the door faded behind me. "Who knew I had such a weird subconsciousness. Well usually in stories people go to the center of creepy circles so here we go."  I stepped into the center of the circle and then all of a sudden... nothing happened. "What the hell really what a let down worst near death interactive mirage dream ever." As I turned to start walking I noticed that there were seven items on the floor surrounding me "Odd these were not here before, whats your game mirage?" Before me was:

A blank check
A copy of my transcripts
A picture of a girl I like in high school who went missing
A gold re-usable pen that wealthy business men have
A bandage I wrapped my head in after I slammed my head into a wall back in high school from stress
A credit card

"What the hell these are all things I was trying to get away from thanks a lot Mirage." Then I remembered I counted seven items I turned and looked down and what was there sent a shiver up my spine.

It was a signet ring on the ring was a symbol I had never seen and that I will never forget.

It felt right like something I always deserved and all I had to do was reach out and grab it, and yet for some reason I just never wanted to. Suddenly a door appeared before me and so I decided to go through it to see were this one would lead.
Then there was a mysterious voice "A welcome to Vice Arcana new Sloth... AAAAAHHHHHH" screamed the voice and out of shock I screamed to. "What are you doing here we have received all our new candidates and you are not one of them."

"Cool a talking mirage anyway I walked through the desert door, and then found a ring."

"Huh? desert door? mirage? Your a few coconuts short of a bunch aren't you kid, anyway you shouldn't... wait did you say you found a ring?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Hm... I see interesting, well then a word of advice from this point forth the world no longer moves through you but around you, command and control those two words shall carry you the day if you have any interest in fighting for it. Now goodbye good luck and go drink some water you look like you just came out of a desert young sloth."

With that the voice was gone. "Wait sloth? why is my heat induced near death mirage calling me a group of bears? Weird but I guess I will just play along and go find some water." As I stepped outside no one was around, save one man in the distance with a rubber duck on his shoulder heading to a building. "Maybe there is water there."

As I reach the building I go to grab the door handle suddenly the words command and control flash in my mind my ring faintly glows and the door opens on its own "Cool" as I step in it slowly closes behind me as I try and reach for it my ring glowing. I look around and see two people sitting drinking tea two others arguing about a tea cup and a bunch unconscious on the ground also one more very irritated tattooed man. "Sweet this mirage just gets cooler and cooler hello mirage people I am a group of bears!" Not realizing how much of an idiot I sound like or how out of place I look in my sand worn street clothes compared to their uniforms and not caring because this is clearly a mirage and I will be dead any second now I walk over to a table with glasses of water and just start drinking all the water that I can find and weirdly enough as I reach for glasses they slide straight towards my hand as my ring faintly glows.  
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 1: Vice Arcana   

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Chapter 1: Vice Arcana
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