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 Tiberius Iscar

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PostSubject: Tiberius Iscar   Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:02 pm

Name: Tiberius Iscar
Date of Birth: December 8
Height: 6ft
Weight: 180lbs
Sin: Sloth
Thema: Shiftlessness
Codex: An Index Card
Focus: A Signet Ring
Constellation Sagittarius
Quota: Nothing (do nothing at a critical time for yourself or someone in need)

I have worked my whole life I did good in school if I ever got less then an A my parents had swift words and swifter punishments. They always said I had to study and be active in my community and in extracurricular activities. On top of that "I needed a job as soon as possible to learn hard work and build a resume." I had no time no fun and no life. And after all that I learned only one thing in life the only people who have anything are the ones born with it. There is no upward motion so whats the point, the rich don't need to work because the poor do but I am not rich so if I don't work I die. So here I am dedicated and invested in my community and future knowing I will never get anywhere because I wasn't born in the right place at the right time. I wish there was some easy way to just get what I want or at least not have to worry anymore. I am just so tired. You know what screw it I am done with everything I think I will just start walking off into Death Valley and see where I end up, it sure as hell can't be any worse than this and hey if I die in the desert than at least I won't have to worry about anything anymore.
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Tiberius Iscar
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