Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Flynn Izaya

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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Flynn Izaya   Mon Feb 02, 2015 10:17 pm

Name:  Flynn Izaya
Sin: Greed
Thema: Materialistic
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 135lbs
Focus: Demon Lord Duckie
Codex: Demon Lord Duckie
Age: 23
Constellation: Aries


I was raised by my mother, I never knew my father, when I asked about him she simply said that he went away to save the world and make the world a better place for everyone. That was good enough for me, everything she did was more than enough to make me happy, and she was all I needed in this world. Than one day when I was seventeen she vanished without a trace, all I had left of her was the rubber duck she used to put in my bath back when I was still a little kid, Demon Lord Duckie my best friend growing up, little did I know he would be more useful than just for taking a bath with. I was working at a local fast food place when they fired me after a year and a half of working there because the budget got cut again so they couldn’t afford to keep me. On the way home I passed by a hat store and saw a top hat it was beautiful, the red ribbon against the noble black, I wished I could have it. Than a voice rang through my head “If you want it than take it, it’s yours, anything you want is yours.”

A pressure appeared on my head and when I went to touch my head there it was the hat I wanted, looking in the window to make sure I wasn’t day dreaming I saw that it was no longer in its case in the store. “Wow how did that happen?” I was amazed, but then I saw her staring and pointing at me while on the phone the owner of the store thought I had stolen the hat, I mean I kind of did, but it wasn’t me right but then again I want the hat. Out of the corner of my eye I saw flashing red and blue lights; they were going to arrest me. “Sorry but I can’t be arrested mom would be so disappointed in me.” I said as I ran from the store holding on to my new hat, making it all the way to my apartment without a trace of the cops following me.

“So did you like the taste of your power?”

“Who is there?” Where was this voice coming from, who was this, and what do they mean my power?

“It’s me you idiot I have been here for you since you were a little boy, it is I Demon Lord Duckie!” He let out a little laugh.

And from that day forward me and Demon Lord Duckie became even better friends, he began to teach me how to use magic mainly summoning magic he said I could summon anything I wanted once I became skilled enough. He did get frustrated with me sometimes but nothing he couldn’t forgive later, a couple times though I have found him trying to drown himself in the bath tub or in a cup of water I left out. We needed to make money somehow so we started to do magic tricks on the street, for a little extra cash, and I got a job at a library as an assistant librarian. If someone needed a book I would summon it under the table and hand it to them it was much faster than telling them where they could find it, and I would be praised for doing my job so well magic was pretty useful. In my spare time I went to the nearby orphanage and began doing little magic shows for the kids to them I was the magnificent Fylnn Izaya with Assistant Mr. Duckie, and life was simple I didn’t want anything else.
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Flynn Izaya
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