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 Gyles' Want

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PostSubject: Gyles' Want   Sun Dec 07, 2014 1:51 am

Name: Gyles
DoB: june 12
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 155 lb.
Sin: Envy
Thema: Disequilibrium
Codex: 20ft scroll
Focus: Monocle
Quota: Once a day, Must by some means obtain a possession from another.

Life is about finding yourself. At the least the journey to do it. All our achievements, possessions, relationships, and knowledge perish as we die. And we all die.    
So all we have is the journey.    
Unless it ends too soon.    
What happens when you realize it will all fade away before you ever experience the excitement of learning what will fade. When you know exactly who and what you are but never know what to do with it.    
Gyles was content. He lived a life with ups and downs as we all do but he never moved up or down. He appreciated his birthdays and he mourned those who passed around him. He had been loved and he had been hurt, but through it all he remained unchanged. There was no need in his life.      
But content wasn't quite the right word. He was complacent. He was complacent, he knew it, and he hated it. It was the only thing he had ever hated. And he didn't understand how to change it. He knew that nothing in his life would change this and that no events would pierce the shell of his understanding. He would live a long passionless life ever aware of his burning want for more.

But in a world of impermanence what could be so significant to change one's life itself. How were the lives of others so often so affected by even the smallest things. Gyles knew what he was, knew he wanted to change it, but had no idea what he needed to make it happen. Was in an object, a goal, or something altogether different. Whatever it was he seemed to be the only one lacking it. And until he found out what he needed, what left others so fulfilled, there could be only one solution.
He would have it all.
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Gyles' Want
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