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 Dempsey Makalo

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PostSubject: Dempsey Makalo   Thu Mar 05, 2015 6:49 pm

First: Dempsey
Last: Makalo (Goes by last name)
Date Of Birth: 10-10-1915
Age: 26
Height: 5' 11"
Weight:203 lbs
Constellation: Libra
Sin: Lust
Theme: Sadist
Focus: Dragon Necklace
Codex: Engraved Zippo Lighter


 ---------Born the youngest of his three brothers making him lucky number four, Dempsey was raised in a home filled with addiction, abuse, and constant change between houses and homelessness. With his brothers all have gone their own ways leaving him in charge of his sickly mother and his poor excuse of a father. Poor and drunk with His cousin Kyle he enlisted in to the United States Navy on November 13th 1941. Makalo's one last hope during a time of relative peace to send home his earning to pay for his mother’s treatment and his father’s bad habits.....
 -----Kyle and Dempsey went through rigorous training to be part of a new Navy. With both being stationed at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Their first 2 weeks seemed so be a paid vocation but they all worried about the war taking place in the east, but with Roosevelt's word to remain neutral in the conflict soldiers could rest easy knowing America was at peace, except those who were in Makalo’s platoon they knew that the capital was prepping to get involved regardless.  With Kyle and his platoon given a leave of absence to have a day in town on December 7th under direct orders of the white-house it put all his men on edge. 12 am December 7th Dempsey he couldn't sleep.
 --------------- "No need to waste hours being awake in bed useless", Dempsey stops by Ferguson's bunk, with it empty and Kyle nowhere to be found he decides to leave alone telling no one but the guard on duty who allows him off the ship....
 ----------------He steps on to the streets to hear music in the distance like he has never heard before, playing in a small pub on the corner he walks in to find a female lead singer belting out the lyrics " You have the body of a classic car, with the looks to thrill but your giving off pollution that kills..” She is like nothing you have ever seen before, tall thin black hair with dark blue streaks going through her head, as she sang “cursed to live a life I never wanted…” tears ran down her face. You lock eyes across the room she ends her set and steps off stage Makalo is moved by her music in ways he has never felt before so he gets up to seeks her out back stage, but to his surprise someone grabs him from behind, he turns and throws a punch only to stop it just in time to realize it’s the singer, she laughs “Are all you soldier boys on edge all the time?” She says in a half depressed tone with a happy ring to it. “I’m Emily” she says looking down. Makalo replies trying to be upbeat “I’m Makalo please to meet you, I loved your set… is that your band? And no we aren’t all always on edge just when grabbed unexpectedly” He smirks.
 ----------- They talk for hours to find out they share every interest possible, they sing together laugh together….she invites him to her room. “Um what if we walked the shore instead, I could show you my ship it’s just about seven, time for the sunrise?” He replies so nervous to be alone with her him being a virgin and all. “How cliché of you” she giggles, “the sunrise really? But that’s okay I like cliché” she smiles. He sighs in relief and they head to the ship.
---------------They reach the bridge to board the ship, Emily leans against the railing along the water side. Makalo looks as she turns towards the sun and he takes note of how beautiful she is with the sun caressing her pale cheeks he realizes something he has never felt before. “I’m in love with you Em” Dempsey says as he stands in front of her. “Can I say something crazy? I feel the same way about you, how you care so much about life, your kind nature, I’m in love with you Makalo….” She is interrupted as he kisses her and lifts her up off her feet. They get lost in the moment but just for a moment she throws him back. “I can’t be with you” She sobs “We would never last”. “Why” Makalo demands. “you will die one day and I will be left here alone by myself missing you, it’s inevitable I will outlive you…” She is interrupted again by the shout of Ferguson from the boat “ Heyyyyo Dempsey you dog wait ill be right there im getting the others we all will go out, one sec.” Dempsey shouts back “Okay, I’ll wait here” He turns back to her “ Marry Me” he says. “ I will leave the service when my contract runs out 4 years that’s all and I’ll be there for you always.” Pleading “I’ve never felt this way before and I know you feel it t…..” He is interrupted but this time it’s by an explosion, he turns to see the ship Kyle just went back into on fire and sinking.
   ----------- Before either of them can think more bombs drop and all around them is chaos, than one hits the building behind them and they stand there in shock than black……………………
As he fades in and out of conciseness he knows she is dragging him trying to get them to safety………….
Its getting cold ……black and cold, he is dying he comes too long enough to see that she was hit her arm covered in blood and chest dripping. He lets out a soft sob and black again……he is gone
“AHHH” he jumps to life and instantly grabs his neck to find Emily latched to his wound  she pulls away “I’m sorry I, I lost too much blood already I won’t make it, you can make it, just drink” She falls back he grabs her holds her head, “what did you do to me, what is this thirst” She smiles “It’s the price you must pay to live, I give you life at the price of my own, I have lived long enough and lost too many people I cared about I won’t lose you.”  Confused he says “I will never love another, other than you so li….” She interrupts him “DRINK! And I will always be with you... in you” crying she arches exposing her neck. He kisses her neck before his teeth rip into her jugular as warm blood gushes down his throat, life flows over his lips, Makalo endured.
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Dempsey Makalo
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