Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Nile's Fall

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PostSubject: Nile's Fall   Wed Feb 18, 2015 11:39 am

Name: Nile
Weight: 140 lbs
Virtue: Charity
Thema: Altruism
Codex: The Reapers Log
Focus: The Murder Knife
I want it that was the thought that started it all. Even though I hated everything about them their nice house, there nice job, all their money, and their happy family oh how I hated that they got to have a happy family and I had to grow up alone in a gutter. So I killed him and figured I would take his life for my own but they screamed and fought back so I had to kill them to. It was amazing one second they had everything I wanted and the next all four of them were dead. That is when I realized it I did not want to live their lives but take them. If I could have one thing it was the look on their faces as they died. As I walked outside of the sixth maybe seventh house and looked around I thought about how just a few hours ago everyone in this nice neighborhood had such peaceful lives and now they had nothing but the silence of death I literally took everything from them.

I was good, I went from place to place killing them one by one I was unstoppable all I wanted was blood and there were seven billion people to accommodate that need for me all I had to do was reach out and take it, no one could stop me. Or at least that is what I thought the cops got me one night, I am still not sure how. Anyway the trial was the trial of the century according to the media, the monster that slaughtered ten neighborhoods finally was caught and everyone wanted to see what would happen. Well I gave them a show I figured I was as good as dead so I should take at least one more life for my collection. My lawyer did not notice when i took his pen and when the prosecutor brought out my precious Murder Knife.

By the time the guards realized what had happened the judge was dead, of all the arrogant assholes I had killed I will always remember him the look of dread on his face was one of the greatest I had ever seen and is the favorite in my little mental collection.

The next thing I new there were gunshots going of all around me and then nothing, but not the dying kind of nothing but the everything stops kind of nothing. I woke up two months later I had been convicted and sentenced to death and until then I would be in solitary confinement. I do not know how long passed and then one day my cell door opened. In came my Murder Knife sliding across the floor I turned my head to see a man standing next to two hopefully dead guards.

"Welcome to Virtue Arcana Nile."
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Nile's Fall
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