Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Roy's Nobility

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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Roy's Nobility   Tue Feb 17, 2015 11:12 pm

Name: Roy Flamberg
Virtue: Humility
Thema: Martyrdom
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 183lbs
Focus: Shield
Codex:  Hephaestus Grimoire
Age: 21
Occupation: Obviously I am the Future King of the World


Do I even need an introduction you should all know who I am already, peasants I swear do I have to do everything for you losers. I grew up in a high class family had all the money I could ever need, had as many cars as I wanted, all the latest games, clothes, went where I wanted when I wanted. I excelled in everything I did school, sports, music, and even drawing, reason that’s obvious I am better than all of you. Honestly I don’t know why all of you haven’t got on your knees and crowned me your king yet. Anyone who spoke against me got a swift boot to the diaphragm and no one questioned me about it, I did what I wanted and I was above all consequences. When my parents finally keeled over I inherited the family fortune and I was set for the rest of my life or so I thought.

Maybe a year and a half after my parents passed away a man appeared at the mansion door asking for me he was a short man standing probably no larger than 5’6” he told me I was going to be attending some place called Virtue Arcana but I was having none of it I ordered him to leave, he refused. I would not stand for this disrespect in my own home grabbing an axe from one of the suits of armor that decorated the house I swung at him, but in an instant he pulled up a shield and the axe shattered. He was about to laugh at me when my fist connected with his face knocking him on his ass, to think he thought just cause he broke the axe that I was done.

But it was foolish of me to believe he was done also, as I turned to walk away I felt my back get hit by what felt like a mac truck and I flew into the wall knocking down countless photos whose value numbered in the thousands. Prying myself from the wall I fell to my knees my whole body hurt and my vision was getting blurry, I struggled to get up to my knees. “I bowed to no one, and I wouldn’t go back on that today just because some midget with a shield thinks he could beat me.” I blurted out right before I coughed up some blood. As I lifted my gaze I saw that he was right next to me, “Crap.” He bashed me over the head with his shield, the next thing I remember is waking up in the nurse’s office here at Virtue Arcana, being tend to by some punk with bandages wrapped around his bloody knuckles.
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Roy's Nobility
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