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 Clovis's Fight

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Flynn Izaya

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PostSubject: Clovis's Fight   Mon Feb 16, 2015 10:51 pm

Name: Clovis “Hercules” Reider
Virtue: Diligence
Thema: Initiative
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 168lbs
Focus: Body
Codex:  Atlas Grimoire
Age: 20
Occupation: Ex-Underground fighter, Nurse’s assistant -_-


I have always been a fighter since I was young; I have always showed interest in the martial arts, boxing, wrestling, fencing, and knife fighting. My parents put me in martial arts growing up, excelling at it. I wanted more and my parents indulged me in my want for more. I had become a black belt or higher in multiple martial arts, in high school I was on both the wrestling and boxing team I loved every second of fighting it came so natural to me. It was almost like I could feel how my opponent was going to move before they did, like I could almost see the future in a fight. Junior year my grades slipped and my parents took me out of marital arts, and fencing, the school also took me out of wrestling and boxing till my senior year. I was furious, losing my outlets for combat I started picking fights with people at school, they were no match for me but I needed to fight someone. I got suspended multiple times, and I eventually started fighting random punks that I could find in the city. I could have just fought some random drunks outside the local pub but than what fun would that be. I got expelled the day the boxing coach told me I would never box for the school again, I was so mad I punched him and we go into a brawl in the middle of a hallway. He was fast almost too fast for me to see him coming but in the end my gut feelings, superior training, speed and power beat him.

My parents decided to kick me out of the house saying if I am old enough to pick my own fights I am old enough to live on my own as well. They gave me a week’s worth of cloths, and enough money to stay at a hotel for a couple of days just so I could get a job or whatever. I didn’t care what they thought of me, the person I did care who thought of me was my little brother Alex. I told him that as soon as I got some money I would get myself a phone so he could call me and see how I was doing. He always looked up to me said I was like Hercules that I would never lose a fight ever no matter how big and scary my opponent was. When I left the house I knew exactly where I was going to make my money, at the local underground fighting circuit. At first they mocked me because of how young I was compared to the other fighters but after a couple of fights they began to respect me, and I started to reel in the cash. My feeling turned into sight I could actually see how and when my opponents would come at me they were all too slow for me. I was living in the lamp of luxury all because of my own ability to fight; I would call my brother after every fight to let him know I was still undefeated.

One day the leader of a gang came to me and told me to throw a fight he was going to put one of his members in and bet a lot of money on him to beat me I told him I refused but he told me it was in my best interest to lose this fight. I wasn’t allowed to lose how could I face my brother if I lost to some chump I was Hercules and Hercules doesn’t lose. I won the fight easily like any other fight; the guy didn’t even know how to throw a punch correctly and to think I was supposed to throw the match to him. But I should have thrown the match cause when I called my brother he wasn’t the one to pick up the phone it was the gang leader he had taken my brother hostage. I met with them at the house I grew up in they were sitting in the living room with my brother tied up in the corner. Three of them and each of them had a gun if only they were unarmed I could have taken them all out no problem, but they knew that. I asked my brother where mom and dad were but I knew the answer already they had killed them and made my brother watch. I took a step toward the leader and they all took out their guns and pointed them at me. They knew they had me beat, the leader said that I needed to pay for not losing the match he told me to get on all fours and let them beat me till I passed out I looked at my brother and swallowed my pride getting on all fours the kneeled their taking the beatings, they kicked me, punched me hit me with the dining room chairs. I wanted to fight so bad but my brother was on the line, and I couldn’t lose him.

My brother yelled out to me “Big brother fight win, you aren’t supposed to lose show them who you are show them you never lose, you are just like Hercules!” The leader walked over to my brother and hit him with his gun, and I shot up disarming and knocking out the members he left to handle me. ‘See big brother you never lo…” Bang the shot rang through the house and shook me to my very core my brother was gone I may have not lost the fight but I lost so much more. Everything after that was a blur I get bits and pieces in my nightmares, my hands covered in blood something that resembled a face under my boot, but after the events of that night I woke up here at Virtue Arcana.
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Clovis's Fight
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