Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Antyx's Pleasure

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PostSubject: Antyx's Pleasure   Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:41 pm

Name: Antyx
DoB: March 21
Height:  6' 2"
Weight: 183 lb.
Virtue: Love
Thema: Fate
Codex: Himeros Grimoire
Focus: Red Woven Nano-Tube Bracelets

The pungent aroma of musk flowed along the current of the air and eventually diffused throughout the apartment. With one final movement, I finished and the fluids began to pool around the base. Pushing the drenched hair out of my eyes, I looked upon the victim sprawled out in front of me. Tied to the four bed posts and a ball gag between his lips, I couldn't help but smirked in acknowledgement at my handiwork.

“Well this truly has been a pleasure,” pulling my green boatneck over my head, “but I think it’s time for me to depart,” I finished by buttoning the brass clasps on my denim jeans. Pushing the door closed behind me, I heard the muffled cries of… what was it now?....number 874? 875? Close enough for me.

The crispy air collided with my neck upon exiting onto the crowded street. Pleasure was one of the few emotions that I cared to indulge in, actually , it was the only one that had a direct impact on my being. Refreshed, quenched, energized: these words serve as the closest description but yet gives the feeling no justice. Gallivanting down the street, I recollected all the different faces and bodies of those I have been in extremely close contact. The amount of times I have participated in an act of lust remains a mystery but one fact is known, I don’t recall a single time I have left either party unsatisfied.

Glancing at my phone, I quickly scrolled through the various hookup sites I belonged to. Grindr, Tindr, PlentyofFish, all of them were promising people relationships, but their sole purpose was to fill in my agenda for the night. Passing by all the random messages of pictures or “Hey”s, one took my attention.

“In the mood to get down, you in?” The guy’s message was so horrendous but being who I am, I jumped at the opportunity. Staying within a Marriott four blocks away, this was starting to sound too convenient but the prospect of overloading my limbic system was too good to pass up.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I utilized the elevator to ascend to the seventh floor and located the room marked 712. A brunette boy around my age opened the door, wearing a white school uniform and sky blue tie. Gesturing me to enter, I followed him through the standard hotel room until we stood in front of the bed. Wrapping my arms around his chest, I started to gently nibble his earlobe and earned a soft moan. Clearly he is brimming with repressed sexual tension which I was now going to release. Turning him around, I gently pressed my lips to his so he would open up to me. Pulling his blazer off while putting more pressure into the kiss, I proceeded to unbutton his collared shirt. Breaking the kiss momentarily, I casted my gaze down to size up my prey.

“This will do perfectly.” I mumbled to myself. This caused both of us to grin and to pick up where we left off. Pushing my hands under his shirt, I gently slid them down his back to the waistband of his trousers. About to pursue my objective, my actions were halted when a sharp pain shot through my stomach. Stumbling back, I clenched my stomach and observed that a moist maroon spot was enlarging on my shirt. In the hand of number 875… or is it 876? Regardless, a piercing golden blade dipped in blood was dancing between his fingers.

“O I’m sorry but that is off limits, especially for someone as lustful as you. Now you will be coming with me to Virtue Arcana, this will serve as your penance.” A golden embellished key appeared in his other hand and inserted it to the bathroom door. Still astounded by what was transpiring, he grabbed the collar of my shirt and dragged me to the door. Kicking open the door, I was pushed inside and instantly was blinded by the light intensity. “Have fun at school kiddie, make sure not to touch the minors!”

That was a year ago, and as of now, I haven’t made it pass 875. Maybe 876?
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Antyx's Pleasure
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