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 Hyperia's Isolation

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PostSubject: Hyperia's Isolation   Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:18 am

Name: Hyperia
DoB: August 14
Height:  5' 3"
Weight: 117 lb.
Virtue: Benevolence
Thema: Introspective
Codex: Meron Pro
Focus: Visor

The opportunity to hack the encryption guarding the motherboard appeared, and like countless times before I melted through the firewalls until my prize was claimed. Cracking my knuckles, I leaned back and gleamed at my handiwork. The amount of euros I had possessed in my overseas account had tripled to an eleven digit sum, and neither financial firm will have the faintest idea what had occurred. The one calling and skill I acquired in life: technology. In this world full of tech, my command code was the key to reaping a prosperous lifestyle.

On the prowl for someone who's been eluding you? Provide me half an hour to scrap together a tracer program that will pinpoint their precise location with the numerous surveillance satellites orbiting the globe.

Did Parliament withhold information that should be open sourced? A new webpage has already been established, displaying the entire video and audio recording of their conversation.

Or did you do poorly on your final project at MIT? I’m easily capable of slipping past their security sensors and altering that disgraceful “D” to a “B”. The range of freedom I possess isn’t even capable of being calculated by the Tianhe-2 Supercomputer. Just the way I prefer it.

*knock knock*

A repetitious pounding came from the five inch thick steel door that separated me from the world I enjoyed toying with. It has been six years since any non electronic communication has been established with the outside world, and no one even knows my HQ exists. Before I could switch my monitor to the outside surveillance camera, the door’s hinges flew off and the door crashed to the floor. Four figures in white academy uniforms stepped through the newly modified entrance, I swiveled my chair to face my computers again and punched in my kill code.

Discorsi Sopra la Prima Deca di Tito Livio

The pixels within each screen started to die one by one and the tower started smoking as the motherboard started overheating, causing the rest of the interior to melt. No one is permitted access to my rig but me. Grabbing the key-shaped flash drive, containing a copy of my files and documents on my projects, I pocketed it between my chest before turning and greeting the unannounced company.

“So what can I do for you…students today?” I leaned forwards, allowing the cleavage to show slightly more.

“Hyperia, due to your actions in this world, you are under arrest. You will accompany us to Virtue Arcana, where you will be sheltered from the world. Maybe if you are lucky, one day they will let you become an actual student.” This females bitchy attitude reminded yet again why I don’t associate with humans. Getting up from my chair, I walked towards the black leather couch I use for a bed. I was always careful, even when I constructed my headquarters. Not being a novice, this couch functions as a secret getaway tunnel. About to activate the code, a piercing cold stung at my wrist and a block of ice began to form. Not even the highest technology on the planet could perform that, I have checked. Looking at the intruders, the girl stood there with a grin on her face and her arm outstretched.

“Sorry but like I said, you are accompanying us.” The other female present came towards me and with one backhanded slap, knocked me unconscious.

Three years ago I lost my freedom, being forced to wander this academy’s library. Don’t get me wrong, the isolation has been a gift, but completely cut away from technology, I haven’t felt whole since. Walking back to my usual spot in study room C, I opened the first book I had ever scanned into my mind. The Complete Sherlock Holmes, a classic from back home, now housed in it’s spin my last possession: my flash drive. One of these days I will escape and gain access to a computer, this place will be one nuclear launch code away from becoming a crater.
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Hyperia's Isolation
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