Your Sin to discover your Sanctity
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 Vexylle's Story

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PostSubject: Vexylle's Story   Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:55 pm

Name: Vexylle
Virtue: Temperance
Thema: Deception
Focus: Iounna

I let her down. I remember her hand reaching out to me. I remember the expressionless faces of the people that walked passed us, not a single one offered a hand out to help.
Two young girls starving.
And then she came.
A seraphic face, a mother's charm, for two sisters with nothing she easily became our world.
A world of darkness.
She taught us to steal, to vanish from sight, to fly from rooftop to rooftop.
It was scary but exhilarating but there was one skill she never taught me-
Murder. I learned that lesson all too well on my own.
My sister wanted out, my sister was a romantic, an artist, this life just wasn't for her.
That didn't suit Helena, loose ends or some nonsense as she charged my sister with the dagger.
I had the gun from our last heist- I'd never told anyone that I had pocketed it but as I watched my sister reach out a hand to me- I froze. This was my world and in that instant I wasn't ready to step forward and take her hand to face another and-
Everything ended in that instant.
I was freedom in the flesh but I had never felt so tied down.
Invisible chains of guilt are surprising very tangible.
After I fled I placed an anonymous tip about a murder and then watched my sister's body taken away in a body bag.
I hid and watched the funeral procession, watched my baby sister consigned to the earth and in all honesty I knew I was dying with her.
We'll save enough money one day Vexxy and go to New York, it'll be scary but you and I can do anything together.
We could... but there would never be a we again.
After that day was when I found Iounna.
She just started following me and regardless of how I tried  to hide, sure enough her mew would be right there behind me with a swish of her tail.
She was beautiful, with midnight velvet fur and oceanic blue eyes.
"Kitty go away, I couldn't even take care of my little sister, let alone myself," I said quietly.
Iounna tilted her head and watched me as if to say "You're still alive aren't you? Silly."
"Maybe I'm existing, but I wouldnt stretch it and call this life."
She waved a paw at me dismissively.
And now i'm talking to cats...
As we traveled together I began to see the world the way Iounna did.
Open and for the taking.
Cat philosophy was simple and fulfilling, there were so many less layers of complexity than human mentality and soon enough I began to embrace Iounna's world.
Those were the happiest days of my life.
But when Iounna showed me the ways of a hunter, of a predator, I knew I had found my calling in life.
I'd simply made the mistake of taking on a predator that superseded me and then found myself in a gilded cage known as Virtue Arcana.
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Vexylle's Story
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